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The Day The Earth Stood Still

Given the anticipation many of us have about Barack Obamas presidency, Tuesday will be very The Day The Earth Stood Still Its easy about Tuesday Jaded meaning, because it feels like Obama has been president ever to run for. We have had its uniqueness and has to be impressed by his oratory months ago. We do not yet have the energy to get excited once again about Barack Obama to become the President of the United States? I say we should try. Week-end holiday. Opening Day is finally upon us, appropriately close to the end of Martin Luther King Jr.
19.1.09 08:50

Kate Beckinsale Quot Unprotected Movie

It was cited by the National Enquirer magazine as saying: I m always do films where I m get beaten up, thrown down stairs, hit with blunt objects and also set on fire. Kate Beckinsale has refused to wear protective clothing in his latest film. Rod was in a terrible panic, but I pulled off the scene with a few blows and bruises. . L actress director Rod Lurie ignored reasons for not a padded costume for his violent scene in nothing else but the truth as he thought it could hamper its performance.
19.1.09 08:50

Project Runway

Next Tuesday winners introduce a limited edition reusable shopping bag designed by Evan Biddell, the winner of the inaugural season of the reality TV series Project Runway Canada.
19.1.09 08:50

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Many films today rely on intelligent marketability and star power to turn a profit on its production, so that when a director, along with talented actors, brings together a unique and fascinating history, including the ever-present tendency of the clutter film, the first may be more of a value of Wading through the dozens of popcorn Flicks on the market when. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is one of those rare gems, and its unique history and interesting special effects easily set it apart from other films at the box office seen in recent years at least.
19.1.09 08:50

Sean Combs Tries To Mooch An Obama Freebie

Just when you thought 39-year-old music mogul Sean Puff Daddy Combs is pretty generous guy, reports surface that could be mistakes on the cheap after all. But apparently big-bucks Puffy is not having any of that t, Page Six says a source.. Page Six notes that both Cougar sexy Sharon Stone and Halle Berry are hot mom shelled out $ 50K a piece to attend President-elect Barack Obama inauguration party January 20.
19.1.09 08:50

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